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(Some say it tastes like chicken)

Second Place** winner at 1993 HERKY cook off *

Be sure ya sprankle some cheese on it, y’heah?

*Hillbilly Exotic Road Kill Yummies

**Runner up to Betty Crocker’s Possum Helper


1 to 2 pounds fresh breast of possum*

1 lb frozen whole kernel corn

1 16 oz can diced tomato

1.5 cups Minute Rice

1 sliced'n diced red bell pepper

2 sliced'n diced green bell pepper

1 16 oz can chicken broth

1 - 2 cups Pace Picante sauce **

Grated cheddar cheese

Grill or sautee or fry the possum breasts, whatever makes you happy. Cut into small pieces. (The original recipe called for cutting it into large strips, but I likes possum in ever bite, so I cut 'em up small. Use 1 to 2 lbs, dependin' on how meaty ya like it.)

Mix all ingredients except cheese in large pot or crock pot, heat to simmer, allow to simmer until most liquid is absorbed. (If too much liquid is present, add a little rice.)

Serve with cheese sprankled on top. Ummmm, larapin good!

Serves six or seven normal people, two or three hongry hillbillies.

* City slickers and wimps may substitute chicken.

** Choose yer poison - mild, medium, or hot, dependin' on how ya like it. One or two cups, or more, dependin' on how ya like it.

DISCLAIMER: Employ proper methods when harvesting road kill. Use of over-aged, excessively damaged, or contaminated kill may result in tainted meat and can cause all manner of illness, disability, and even death.

For a primer on proper road kill selection, harvesting, cleaning, and care, refer to my cookbook, "A Hillbilly Guide To Living Off The Road", Chapter 3. Possum specifics on page 17.

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