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OCTOBER 10th, 11th, 12th, AND 13th

It started with just a few people in Eureka Springs in 1998.

It moved to Mountain Home in 1999 and 20 people showed up.

Attendance was down in 2000, with only half a dozen bikes.

Attendance was thin again in 2001 and 2002, but riders came from such disparate locales as the frozen north (Minnesnowda), the sandy beaches (Florida), the drizzly south (Hotlanta), the sunny west (Malibu), and the whole nuther country (Texas).

By now, everyone who rides has heard of the Arkansas Ozarks and the fabulous roads and riding they have to offer. And north central and northwest Arkansas is the heart of it all. This is where flatlanders come to be awed by the twisties, where other riders who think they have twisties come to be awed by the twisties, and where Texans are allowed in spite of their inadequacies.

Regardless of the size of the gathering, all Motomeets have been blessed with great people, good riding, and a lot of fun. The Motomeet is primarily intended for those who subscribe to the Motolist, aka, "Cybertwisties At Your Fingertips". However, It is open to anyone who loves to ride. If you would like to attend, all you have to do is show up on a bike (or in a cage, if circumstances dictate). SOs, spouses and kids, riding or non-riding, are also welcome. There's plenty to do in the area even if you don't swing a leg over a bike.

If you think you will attend, you may want to subscribe to the Motolist and at least lurk for a while, just to get acquainted a bit.

To subscribe to Motolist, send e-mail to:

and in the body of the letter type:

subscribe motolist your name

using your name, of course.

Rest assured that Motolist and micapeak do not sell or distribute your name or e-mail adddress to anyone, nor do they send you any kind of solicitation (other than a once-a-year request for support to keep the service going, which you may totally ignore if you wish) and they generate no spam. All you get is a moderate flow of postings from some very affable and knowledgeable and enthusiastic motorcyclists. Volume is low to moderate. Fellowship is high.

For 2003, Motomeet Arkansas will remain in the heart of north Arkansas, in the "Best Outdoor Sports Town in Arkansas" (According to Sports Afield magazine), Bull Shoals!

With Bull Shoals Dam as the centerpiece of the photo, you find the town of Bull Shoals on the peninsula to the left with Bel' Arco Resort on the far left. Lakeview is to the right of the dam, about halfway up the picture. Mountain Home is farther off to the right, well out of this shot. The road leading from the dam down to the bottom center is the way to Gaston's, down by the river. In the top distance is Missouri which sports some great riding of its own. Regardless which direction you go from here, the riding is great!

The Headquarters motel has changed again, this time because the site used the past two years is no longer in operation. Yes, folks, the Mar Mar is closed down. But, fret not! There are plenty of nice motel facilities in the area, and this year we'll be utilizing one of the best:

Bel' Arco Resort

Bel' Arco is the premier gathering place for group meetings in Bull Shoals. It offers a variety of room types, sizes, and pricing to suit most any taste and budget. It boasts an on-site restaurant for convenient dining for every meal, and is only a few blocks from all the other restaurants we've enjoyed the past two years. There's a covered pavilion for our evening relaxation, and even a swimming pool and other recreational facilities if anyone is so inclined. Depending on whether Peter Egan, Kevin Cameron, Clement Salvadori, and Jay Leno agree to show up, I'm not sure if we'll be using the Conference facilities or not, but they are there if we need them. Take a look at the website - I think you'll agree it's a great place to hold a Motomeet!

For a map to help you locate Bull Shoals, click on:
This will take you to the map finder screen for MapQuest. In the address boxes, type:

Bull Shoals AR 72619

and then click on "Get Map"

This will show you where Bull Shoals is located and will help you figure out how you want to get here. For more precise directions, go to the Bel' Arco website and click on "Contact Us" and look for "GPS Coordinates". None of you high- tech guys should get lost!

Ooops! They don't seem to have the coordinates listed. Oh, O-Jay!!!! Could you be so kind as to ride out to Bel' Arco and take a GPS reading, please, so I can post it to this site? Thank you!

We have reserved a block of 10 rooms. If you look at the Bel' Arco website, you'll see that their rates are divided into two seasons and we will be there on the weekend before it breaks. I have arranged for us to get the off-season rate for the Motomeet, so you can reserve a room for $55.00 (add $5.00 more if you want a kitchen). I know the Mar Mar was a bit cheaper, but it is no longer in business. There are other resorts in the area, but none this economical with enough rooms to accomodate us all. And most aren't nearly as conveniently located.

Complete contact information is available on the website, but I'll post their Toll-Free number here:


Remember to tell them you are with

Motomeet Arkansas.

The block of rooms are reserved for the 10th (Friday) & 11th (Saturday), and will be reserved for us until arrival time. (I did not reserve any for the 9th, but I'm sure some will be available for those of you who wish to arrive on Thursday, as well as for the 12th for the few who may stay over until Monday.)

Please, make your reservations early! While plenty of rooms are available at this writing, there are many things going on in the area that weekend and rooms will go quickly as the time approaches. Last year, in spite of not using the 10 rooms reserved by the September 30th deadline, those who waited past the deadline discovered there were none available by Motomeet time. (Right, Greg?) Although Bel' Arco is much larger than the Mar Mar was, it is almost always booked solid on fall weekends. It may be more important to book early at Bel' Arco than it was at the other places we've used.

In addition, we should have the use of the pavilion for after hours visiting at no charge (unless another group rents it). Between now and then, we, as a group, need to decide how we want to handle the evening meals. It is about a 1/4 mile walk up the hill to the 178 Club, farther than that to the Village Wheel. If we would rather, we can arrange to have the Saturday evening meal catered by the on-site restaurant in one of their meeting rooms. I understand they put on a pretty good feed at reasonable prices. This must be arranged ahead of time, however, so please let me know what y'all think.

In additon to the on-site restaurant, there are many other good eating establishments nearby:

Cosmos Drive-In featuring old fashioned burgers, fries, and really great shakes,

The Village Wheel, a nice sit-down place with good food and salad bar, and

Connie's, a wonderful little place for breakfast and pie!

All these places are up near the old Mar Mar, and at least a 1/4 mile walk along a narrow road with no walkways, so their convenience is less than in the past.

The Big Wheel, another drive-in type of place with great burgers and such. is up the hill from the 178 Club another few hundred yards, also a bit inconvenient for walking.
The 178 Club,
a private club with outstanding food and service, and the ability to serve your favorite fashionable adult beverages is about a 1/4 mile walk up the road. Since it is directly across from a side street that runs past Bel' Arco, it is fairly convenient.
Bel'Arco is located about a mile from Harp's Market, the Post Office, and the TyStar Texaco. There are two banks with ATM just down the road.
All-in-all, very conveniently located.

So, what's the downside? None, really. Bull Shoals is located in Marion County, which is a dry County. No alcohol, in other words (except at the 178 Club). If that's a problem, just ride across the dam into Baxter County, where you'll find a good liquor store in Lakeview, about a five mile ride away. There's no problem with importing enough for an evening's entertainment. Just make sure you get plenty the first time - you don't want to get back out on the roads here after having had a few, trust me!
Of course, the absolute best thing that could happen to the Motomeet is for a lot more than the anticipated 10 - 12 people to show up. There should be plenty of rooms to accomdate everyone, but if you do mess around and miss getting accomodations at Bel'Arco, there are other places in the area. Here is a partial listing:

Pine Lodge
About two miles down the road from Bel'Arco.

Twin Lakes Inn
Across the dam, in Lakeview, about 5 miles from Bel'Arco.

Dogwood Lodge
Just a mile or so from Bel'Arco.

Lighthouse Point
This is a great resort! Fantastic view. About a mile from Bel'Arco.

Rocky Hollow
Just a jog up the road - about two miles!

Bull Mountain Resort
Just over a quarter of a mile up the road from Bel'Arco.

Evergreen Resort
About two miles and a half up the peninsula from Bel'Arco.

Stay N Play
This is another one over in Lakeview, across the dam. About 5 miles away.

Howard Creek Resort
Also across the dam, but also a few miles farther toward Mountain Home. About 9 miles away.

Sunset Point Resort
Also in the far Lakeview area. 9 miles away.

Gaston's White River Resort
This is one of the finest resorts anywhere. Across the dam and down on the river. Unfortunately, costs are a bit elevated (Probably $70.00 and up) . They are also heavily booked, almost all the time.
If you want to try and get traditional motel type accomodations and don't mind being somewhat farther away from the group, here are some listings that may be useful:

Brass Door Motel Gassville, AR 870-435-2288
This is a pretty nice place. Restaurant next door, and bar. 18 miles from Bull Shoals and Bel'Arco.

Lake Norfork Inn Resort
Lots of rooms available here (at this time). Probably because they are so far out of town. Great view, nice rooms, indoor pool, right across the road from the marina and a Corps of Engineers campground. But, the restaurant has a reputation for operating only sporadically, and there's no other nearby food or other amenities. Next Closest restaurant is Fred's Catfish House, up on the hill across the lake. About 25 miles from Bull Shoals.
Rooms were $47.50 per night last time I checked.

Comfort Inn, Mountain Home
This is where we stayed three years ago, and it was great. It's the place that let us grill on the sidewalk (in the rain) and have free run of their conference room. Good rooms, good people. They still have a few rooms, but they have become somewhat pricey. Cheapest room $66.00. They're about 18 miles from Bull Shoals and Bel'Arco.

Days Inn, Mountain Home
New motel, very nice, very clean, rooms. On top the hill overlooking Mountain Home, on Hwy 62 east. Yes, it is within walking distance of eating places, but it's on the edge - it's about 1/4 mile from the first one. And the way back to the motel from any of them is strictly uphill, and a steep one at that. About 19 miles from Bull Shoals.

If you can't find accomodations at any of these, here's a site with extensive listings of other resorts/motels in the area:

Mountain Home
Scroll down to the listing of accomodations and select from the column headed "Bull Shoals".

If you're in the mood to camp, there are several campgrounds close by:
The Dam Site Campground, about a quarter mile past the north end of the dam, is often referred to as "best campground by a dam site". A typical Corps of Engineers campground. Mostly level, it seems to attract lots of tenters, so must be a good place to pitch one.

Another Corps campground. Has spectacular views of the lake and sunsets.

Bull Shoals State Park, down on the river below the dam. Not a Corps park, but an Arkansas State Park. Down on the edge of the river. Lots of folks love this one. Benefits (?) from the cold air off the river.

If you have questions about any of these places, or any other questions about the area or the event, feel free to get in touch with me:

Charlie Treece (870) 445-3283 or e-mail me

The riding, of course, is the primary focus of the Motomeet. Some of you may want to arrive Thursday evening so you can go riding on Friday. I will be taking Friday off so I can enjoy the twisties with you, if you can be here. Saturday will be the big riding day, of course. Iíll lead a group of riders, and we can also have a group of faster ones for those of that bent. You can go your own way each day, or run with a group. On Sunday, maybe we can get O-Jay to lead a fast group. There will be the old familiar twisties you have come to know and love, and maybe some that you've never seen before.

So, bring fresh rubber and a valid fuel card - we're gonna go riding, have a lot of fun, and party afterward!



You are potential motomeeter number to contemplate the trip!