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Here's a picture of Alice with the pre-crash Miz Scarlett:

Sorry, but I don't have any pictures of the post-crash Nighthawk. It was a year ago that it went down (11/14/99) - wonder what my hurry is? But you won't be able to see much except in the real close close-ups.

What happened? Well, we were leaving a small town at about 45 mph when I slowed abruptly and signaled for a right turn, catching Alice off guard. She slammed on the rear brake, locked up the rear wheel, slid about 85 feet, then fell down on the right side and slid another 12 feet or so.

The old Plexifairing III sacrificed itself to protect a lot of the front end of the bike, and the TourMaster saddlebags protected much of the rear. Most of the bike never touched the ground.

Alice was scratched, bumped, and bruised, but nothing serious.

Damage summary:

Scrape/dent on aft end of right muffler,

Very small scratch on right side of tank,

Dent on right front side of tank, about size a thrown golf ball would make,

Bigger dent in very front right of tank, about size a thrown baseball would make,

Scrapes/scratches on back of right mirror,

Scrapes/scratches on end of front brake lever, and on front of its attach point.

Chrome plating scraped off front right side of tach,

Scrapes on chrome rim around headlight, affecting about 3 inches of it.

What we replaced:

Front fender. Forks got twisted (NOT bent) and it broke the fender.

Rear brake pedal - it was badly bent.

Right front turn signal.

Repairs were done by a certified Honda Dealer - Bike runs and rides like new.

None of this damage is noticeable by the casual observer. We frequently park amidst large groups of bikes and people comment on what a nice Nighthawk Alice has. Many people we ride with regularly don't even know it has been down. Alice has ridden it about 5,000 miles since the accident. And, if you ever followed her, you wouldn't question the integrity of the bike - her sanity, maybe... the woman is wild in the curves!

I'll post some pictures of the damage when I get them taken and printed. Sorry for the inconvenience.