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Date: April 17 - Apr 20, 20087

Location: The Ozark Inn, Ozark, Arkansas

Yes, folks, here's your chance to visit the heart of Arkansas, to ride some magnificent roads, to hang with a varied group of crazy Concours riders (and probably a few of other marques).

I have reserved a block of 10 rooms at the:

They have a total of 30 rooms available.

Pricing is as follows:
Concours - One Queen - $40
Concours & Lady - Two Queen - $45
C-14 - One King - $55
Other Marque - $7,000

Note the very expensive suite at $7,000 per night Ė donít worry, the $7,000 suite is usually taken by the Fouke Monster this time of year, and probably wonít be available, so riders of other marques will have to settle for normal rooms like the rest of us.

Contact the hotel at:
Ozark Inn
1711 West Commercial St. (Hwy. 23 and 64 Junction)
Ozark, Arkansas 72949
Phone: (479) 667-1500

Be sure to mention COG - or the Tax Relief Ride - when calling.

Map and Riding Directions: (Google Maps)

Questions, comments, problems:
Contact: Charlie Treece, 870-404-3206 or